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Dr Peter Elias

Principal Investigator, SCiLeD Africa

Senior Lecturer & Lead Researcher, Lagos Urban Studies Group (LUSG), Department of Geography, University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Expertise: Development Geography, Urban Planning & Environmental Sustainability

Dr. Adelina Mensah

Co-Principal Investigator, SCiLeD Africa (Ghana)

Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Environment and Sanitation Studies, University of Ghana, Legon

Expertise: Urban complexities, inter-linkages between drivers of land-use and environmental change


Prof. Ademola Omojola

Project Advisor SCiLeD Africa (Lagos)

Laboratory for Cartography & Remote Sensing (LABCARS), Department of Geography, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Expertise: Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Mr. Samuel Akinrolabu

Profiling Coordinator SCiLeD Africa (Lagos)

Profiling Coordinator for the Nigerian Slum/Informal Settlement Federation

Expertise: Community Engagement and Advocacy


Joseph Aro

Research Partner, SCiLeD Africa (Lagos)

GIS/Data Analyst, OEA Consults

Expertise: Data Analysis and Geographic Information System (GIS)

Bunmi Alugbin

Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Geography focusing on Gender Aspect of SCiLeD Africa

Assistant Chief  Town Planning Officer, Urban Design Studio, Lagos Urban Renewal Agency (LASURA)

Expertise: Gender, Urban Planning & Service Delivery


Prosper Adiku

Research Assistant, SCiLeD Africa (Ghana)

Institute of Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS), University of Ghana, Legon

 Ferdinand Kofi Yali

Research Partner, SCiLeD Africa (Ghana)

Head of Environment Unit, Department of Urban Roads, Accra, Ghana

Expertise: Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Environment and Social Safeguards.


Dr. Iniobong Beauty John

Research Fellow, SCiLeD Africa (Lagos)

Lecturer, Department of Quantity Surveying, University of Lagos

Expertise: Sustainable Housing and Inclusive Economics